Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I register at cliqNship?
A1. Simply fill out the form in our homepage. You will be directed to our registration page where you will supply your contact information. Submitting all the required information will make you a registered cliqNship member (in our terms, a full-pledged CLIQer)! A verification message shall be sent to your email to verify your cliqNship account. Afterwards, you can now CLIQ away!

Q2. Is there a pickup fee?
A2. No. We do not charge a pickup fee.

Q3. What areas do you pickup outside Metro Manila?
A3. We currently DO NOT offer pickup outside Metro Manila yet.

Q4. Is there a package limit?
A4. NO, there is no package limit. We offer FREE pick up your shipment(s) within Metro Manila. NO MINIMUM.

Q5. How do I contact cliqNship?
A5. You may get in touch with cliqNship through: Mobile Numbers: 0917.839.5561 (Globe) 0939.924.1242 (Smart) Email: Skype ID: cliqnship

Q6. How do I schedule a pickup?
A6. You may schedule your pickup at our website by signing in to your cliqNship account. For those who do not have internet access and who don't have their cliqNship accounts yet, you may schedule your pickup by calling us at: Mobile Numbers: 0917.839.5561 (Globe) 0939.924.1242 (Smart)

Q7. How do I confirm my pickup?
A7. Whether you book thru online or phone, you will be issued your own Airway Bill. Having your Airway Bill means your pickup is confirmed.

Q8. When is your cut-off time for booking a pickup?
A8. For Mondays to Fridays, our booking cut-off is at 2 PM. For Saturdays, our booking cut-off is at 12 PM.

NOTE: Please be informed that accommodation of SAME DAY shipments are not guaranteed and will depend on the volume and distance of the shipment. Same day shipments should be confirmed before pickup. We will call/email you for confirmation or you can call us as well.

Q9. Can I request for a specific pickup time?
A9. We cannot guarantee specific pickup times as we cannot predict road conditions everyday. We can accommodate this accordingly for special arrangements.

Q10. Can I create my own airway bill?
A10. Yes you can create your waybill online at our website

Q11. What days do you pickup and deliver?
A11. We pick up and deliver from Monday to Saturday. We don't have operations on Sundays.

Q12. Why do I need to indicate the declared value of my shipment?
A12. In the rare case that your shipment is lost in transit, this is the amount that will be refunded to you.

Q13. What are your operating hours?
A13. We operate from Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM.

Q14. What are the sizes of your pouches?
A14. Current size of our pouch is 11x17"

Q15. What if my item doesn’t fit any of your pouches?
A15. If it doesn’t fit in the pouch, item will be measured by weight or volume, whichever is higher.

Q16. What if I don't know the weight of my package?
A16. Courier that will pick up the item can weigh the item for you or can be weighed at our office.

Q17. How will the payment be made?
A17. Payment is made upon pickup.

Q18. Do you accept electronic gadgets for shipment?
A18. Yes. cliqNship accepts electronic gadgets for shipment.

Q19. Do you offer insurance?
A19. Yes. We are offering the cliqNship insurance as an add on service. Our valuation/insurance charge for both Metro Manila and Provincial deliveries is P15.00 for 1st P500.00 and P5.00 for the succeeding fraction of P500.00.

Q20. What is the chargeable weight?
A20. Chargeable weight is the actual or volumetric weight of the package, whichever is higher.

Q21. How do I compute for volumetric weight?
A21. For local shipments, we get the volumetric weight by multiplying the length (L), width (W) and height (H) in centimeters and dividing it by 3500.


For local shipments, we get the volumetric weight by multiplying the length (L), width (W) and height (H) in centimeters and dividing it by 5000.