Cliqnship Services

Here at cliqNship, we bring you shipping at its easiest and fastest. At your fingertips, we provide you high quality at the most cost effective rates, 1-CLIQ shipping services in Metro Manila, provincial and international areas.

Metro Manila services

SAME DAY DELIVERY 1-CLIQ booking before 10 AM, pick-up and delivery in one day!
NEXT DAY DELIVERY 1-CLIQ booking before 2 PM, pick up within the day and delivery the next day!
SERVICE ADD-ONS Avail of these cool, quick add-ons to make your shipping needs hassle free and safer.

Collecting payments through meet-ups and falling in line for bank deposits can be inconvenient. cliqNship's Collect N Deposit add-on is the perfect solution! It's simple: We collect the payment from your receiver. Afterwards, we deposit it to your bank or GCASH account. Quick, easy and hassle-free!

CliqNship Insurance
Our CLIQers deserve only the best possible service and we make sure that their items are delivered in their good and proper condition. Our cliqNship Insurance add-on guarantees optimum protection for your valuable items.

Provincial services

Want to send shipments to destinations all over the Philippines? We get your shipments to destinations nationwide at a very affordable rate. Wide coverage and flexible options. We also offer airport to airport services to lower your costs if you have someone who take care of claiming shipments at the destination.